THE MUSTANG – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters March 2019

Roman (Matthias Schoenaerts), a convict in a prison in rural Nevada, participates in a rehabilitation method in which he trains wild mustangs. He struggles to connect with the horses and his fellow inmates alike. But in time, performing together with young convict Henry (Jason Mitchell) and an aged trainer Myles (Bruce Dern), Roman soothes an in particular feisty horse and confronts his individual violent earlier. Official Assortment of the Sundance Movie Pageant. In Theaters March 2019.

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36 thoughts on “THE MUSTANG – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters March 2019

  1. Redford shoulda cast me.. I have trained lots of mustangs. I also can act and I write my own songs. Hell, I was arrested when I was a teen and I've done nearly every drug. I also gave a clinic in Nevada to the inmates in the mustang program . I don't mean to sound self serving, but I am the real deal. I have decades of experience. I even lived on Sunset Blvd for 6 years. Still, really looking forward to this.. btw, that is a mustang I am giving a sip of beer to, on my profile pic… c):~)

  2. this looks like a grate movei i love horse espeshaley the mustangs i would like to perches the pitch fork ranch thats a million acres and tacke all the mustangs out of the deserts and bring home to texas

  3. Does a horse die in this movie? The trailer shows one on the ground… I refuse to watch a movie if an animal dies even if it is fake.. Just seeing the horse on the ground in the trailer turned my stomach. 🙁

  4. i will lowkey cry if i see this movie, because i been breaking mustangs for years now, im the 6th generation to be doing it now and when i saw his horse come to him, it is a truly an amazing to see all your hard work pay off to this amazing animal

  5. As a horse lover and fan of the phenomenal lMustang Challenge” program I wish this clip didn’t use the outdated term “breaking” horses…it’s a negative throwback to when people didn’t know any better than to abuse horses into submission.

    🚨please note: this is just a disagreement with the term “breaking” and not a judgment of the film or the prison program, Which I think is incredibly needed and inspiring. I’m looking forward to the film for sure!
    Re : breaking
    We thankfully now know that “breaking “ horses is a cruel and dangerous path- thanks to many thoughtful people (best known inHollywood as horse whisperers) who have observed and learned the language of Equis, the process of training has evolved. We now know how to “Start” horses by using their natural language and by recognizing their natural/ instinctual cues…without violence.
    It’s an amazing process which you can Learn more about on YouTube (and elsewhere)- particularly inspiring are videos of “Mustang Challenge” training and competitions n where trainers are matched with a random mustang and are given 100 days to train their horses. The challenge is complete with a series of tests in a large modern horse show… where trainers show off these incredibly transformed beauties who now behave better than many expensive show horses on the show circuit today. These newly educated horses are then auctioned off to approved homes- the proceeds going to the mustangs back in the holding pens. As a lifelong horse lover and rider, I learn so much from watching these videos.
    I encourage anyone who is interested in mustangs to enjoy watching and learning about through many talented trainers who vlog their daily progress. Search “Mustang Challenge “ and prepare to be impressed!

  6. Holy shit I'm ready; I've been waiting for this one for a while!!! I anticipate Matthias Schoenaerts films with the same fervent passion the rest of the world has for unreleased comicbook movies. If you're a fan of brilliant acting then you're a fan of Schoenaerts.
    Bullhead, Rust and Bone, The Drop, Far From the Madding Crowd, anything he's ever done EVER.

  7. We have this program for inmates and captured wild horses here in the mountains of Northern Nevada. It saves both lives.

    However, I wish people would stop using the phrase "breaking a horse." It's violent and dominating. The whole point of this is to eliminate those tendencies in the man and the horse, and replace them with confidence and trust.

  8. Couple facts:

    1. Don't know who the lead guy is but he looks like he blazed this role
    2. I didn't even know Bruce dern was still alive– He's a great actor in my book. (Check out "Diggstown". Awesome movie)
    3. Robert Redford is a genius director and I'm not sure he's getting that credit while he's alive…could be… But I feel like he isn't
    4. Not the biggest fan of these types of movies but looks like some good acting, and I know Redfords stamp will be on it so I'll be there w/ popcorn and a blue icee… and hopefully a baddie next to me😜

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