Brexit – Official Trailer (2019) – Benedict Cumberbatch Movie

Brexit - Official Trailer (2019) - Benedict Cumberbatch Movie

Brexit – Official Trailer (2019) – Benedict Cumberbatch Film
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47 thoughts on “Brexit – Official Trailer (2019) – Benedict Cumberbatch Movie

  1. Whether you voted leave or remain. Whether you agree with the end result of the vote. Whether or not you may have changed your mind about it now. We should all be able to agree on one thing…that this film did NOT need making at all.

  2. If it stars leftie actors like Benedict, you can be guaranteed this movie (like a lot of things in the media about Brexit) will be pure, unadulturated Fake News.

    The elites are so upset that the proletarian did not do what they were told and instead voted for Brexit. Too bad for them most of us working people already know the media is full of shit. It is only middle class women and niaive students that they have left on their side now.

    Also what has happened to Benedicts hairline? Is it done that way just for the movie? Or is he really a Norwood 3 already?

  3. It will be subtly against.
    Luckily the vote already happened.. unless we haven't been living in a democracy our whole lives just a mist of paperwork in an empires corpse.
    Great TV, let's see in march shall we.
    Perhaps the migration pact goes through in-between and we'll leave but still have the low skills market flooded so the middle/upper class have a cheaper tea in Pret.

  4. The Remain campaign delivered project fear and lied to the country with predictions of recession, surging unemployment and collapsing inward investment, and all turned out to be totally wrong. Since the Brexit vote the economy has grown, employment increased, and inward investment into the UK is more than the rest of Europe put together! And the UK economy is growing three times faster than the Eurozone. If Leavers were lied to so much as this film depicts, then why do polls show we still haven’t changed our minds and would still vote to Leave the EU?! A film made by sore losers to make themselves feel better perhaps, but I'll still go and see it.

  5. Ok why are they making a movie out of Brexit. It isn't even done yet. They still are firguring out how to do it

    Also WTF Film Trailer Zone why the hell are you selling merch? your entire channel is literately posting movie trailers. You make no original content. Why the fuck would someone buy a $30 shirt with your logo on it!? Imagine someone asking about your shirt.
    "Oh hey what's that's logo?",
     "Oh, it's a from a Youtube channel that posts movie trailers"
    "Oh, what else do they do, review movies, discuss the movies, stuff like that?"
    "No, nothing else, they just post trailers…"

  6. Liberal "Smart" people:  Lie, insult before the vote.  If the vote doesn't go the way you want?  Try to get a revote until the proles get it right OR make up conspiracies AND bring out the leftist entertainment industry.  Season with Russians.  Whatever works/BAMN.

  7. Is this a fucking joke? Our country is going down the shitter. Mass infestation of illegals, terrorists blowing up kids, stabbings, shootings every half term. schools and hospitals overflowing.. Proud citizens branded right wing racists if they dare to insult islam by a corrupt left wing media. and theyre making a show.? We voted for control of our borders and 2 years later we are still none the wiser. rip great britain.

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