Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 2 REACTION!!!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 REACTION!!!

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21 thoughts on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 2 REACTION!!!

  1. Great reaction video! You actually seem just as excited as me for this movie. It's gonna be epic af. Btw, you are gorgeous girl. When am I ever gonna find a beautiful girl that loves these type of movies as much as me? Lol. I need someone who loves and understands Star Wars too lmfao. I find so many girls on YouTube, but they aren't anywhere around where I live! It sucks! Great video and have a good one. I will subscribe to support you!

  2. Bunny girl do u know kong skull island ending that happens show who are looking for monster will battle fight godzilla king of the monsters then next godzilla will face kong will be confirmed 2020

  3. Monsters in this film are as follows:

    Ghidora (Ghidra) is the big golden one with three heads. He was from outer space in the old 60's films. This film is essentially a remake of "Ghidra, the Three-headed Monster" from the '60's in which Ghidora made his debut into the Godzilla franchise and featured Rodan and Mothra teaming up with Godzilla to defeat him.

    Rodan is the big pteranodon originally killed in a volcano, but like a Phoenix, rises from the flames and reigns all hell in it's path. One of Godzilla' s original foes turned ally in later films.

    Mothra is the giant larva that grows into the giant insect. Originally a guardian of all that is good in this world and is usually accompanied by a pair of twin girls the size of dolls who sing and pray to summon Mothra to help defend the Earth from otherworldly threats. Though the fairies' inclusion in this film is yet to be confirmed.

  4. Godzila is like "screw ya humans i aint listening to bugs"😐 lol the trailer actually looks cool so i hope that the movie will also be cool, tho first one was kinda bad tbh. Well thank you for the reaction😉

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