“Us” Official Trailer Breakdown: Secret Ending & Easter Eggs!

"Us" Official Trailer Breakdown: Secret Ending & Easter Eggs!

Jordan Peele directed a new film phone “Us” and he unveiled the whole trailer on Xmas Working day. The film “Us” is staying introduced through Common Photographs. Lupita Nyongo performs the purpose of Mom in the film trailer. In this online video I will make clear and breakdown just about every scene from the film trailer “Us” and there are some easter egg spoilers towards the conclude. Jordan Peele also directed the motion picture “Get Out.” In excess of all I cherished the trailer for the film “Us” View right up until the close for the surprise

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  1. Some people said Us stands for U.S and once u put the first and 2nd movies together u get : Get Out U.S. like he’s trying to tell blacks people to get out the U.S

  2. Jordan Peele has said himself that this movie is not about race. The family could be of any ethnicity. I think the movie is about addiction. The significance of "I got 5 on it", just a fun song about buying a bag of weed, turned sinister. Also, the white couple talking about "Vodka thirty". Seems innocent enough, who doesn't like a cocktail on the beach? But sometimes, innocent things can turn us into monsters when we let it. "We are our own worst enemy" when we are addicted.

  3. After reading yalls comments y'all got me thinking the family in red Is the original family 🤦🏾
    Thats y the dad sound all white when he has the bat and says"i can show yall crazy" … What black man gonna say,it like that

  4. Some quick thoughts – I’ll start with horror nods and then get into theories after.

    1) Homage – Everyone seen the old school horror shirts like Jaws, Thriller that the son and young Lupita wore. The other horror nods are the white family on the beach had a kid in overalls similar to Chucky. The son’s name is Jason and wears a mask. The red shirt and brown-gloved hand are similar to Freddy Krueger.

    2) Subtle Hints of Duality/Cloning – The reflecting shadows as the family walked along the beach, the scissors, and the rabbits all evident of two sides and all that good stuff.

    3) Theory – As pointed out in a breakdown already, the family we see in red hold opposite traits to their counterpart. Lupita does little smiling in the trailer compared to her other self who smiles all the time. The dad seems easygoing and jokes a lot, as seen with the first confrontation with the bat, but his other self seems angry and hardened. The son seems to ask a lot of questions and does a lot of wandering off, but his other self literally does not have a mouth. The younger sister seems like she’s into her looks and whatnot, but the other self is very care-free and dirty looking. Maybe they are suppressions that are coming to life? Maybe Lupita had something happened when she was younger since they are visiting her childhood home. Also, there’s a shot of the family in red as they stand in front of the main characters and I noticed the framing of the empty chair as they stood…as if there is suppose to be a fifth family member?

    4) Other Characters – The guy that played Black Mantis and Cadillac in The Get Up has a role in the film, but was not in the trailer. Maybe he has something to do with the mischief? The young lady that plays Starfire in Teen Titans is also in the film. Could be another player.

  5. There's a little-known film starring Bruce Willis called 'Surrogates' which is about a society of AIs that are the ideal versions of each citizen (who live out this life through a VR-type machine). Us might be a bit like that where the ideal versions we see are the clones in place of the 'doppelgangers' (the real family).

  6. So a good theory is that since there's 4 movies in sequence the first one is "get out" and the second one is "us" and the rest are unknown but so far the movie names together are get out us but what I'm trying to say is "us" could stand for United States so "Get out the United States of America"…? Anyone else agree?👀

  7. Here's my theory and clues I came up with:

    Everything is Adelaide's fault.

    1) Why isn't the mother driving? In the attack of possibly the Tethered daughter, the real daughter is seen in the driver's seat. She doesn't look young enough to drive, but hey, she could possibly 16-18 years old.

    2) Adelaide's paranoia of losing Jason seemed off to me. This may be a stretch, but I believe she was scared that he was about to walk in Merlin's Forest for she had a bad experience there at a young age.

    3) Adelaide's clone tells her to "Be careful." Okay, be careful of what? That my own evil doppleganger is trying to kill me? The phrase is very ambiguous at this point, but maybe the clone is foreshadowing her untethering with the truth about everything that's going on?

    4) Mama has been snapping off beat in the beginning of the trailer… It would sound like she's snapping on the beats 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4, but after trying to clap out beats one and three with 'I Got 5 on It', she's totally off beat. Something is 'off' about Adelaide and her life.

    5) Her favorite color seems to be white… The color white signifies purity, cleanliness, and sometimes holiness… What is she trying to purify herself of?


    The young girl in the MJ Thriller t-shirt has been confirmed to being young Adelaide, the mother. Adelaide went inside Merlin's Forest on the boardwalk and somehow met a Tethered version of herself (Peele confirmed the clones to be named the Tethered, hence all of the clones having scissors to 'untether' themselves from their counterparts). After her experience in Merlin's Forest, the clone took the real Adelaide's place and lived as her until the present time of the movie. Notice how she (Adelaide's clone) told the daughter "Put your shoes on," possibly foreshadowing that she knew what was going to happen. The real Adelaide uses her clone family to kill them and assume her old life again. Another reason I believe this is when Jason (the son) went to explore amongst the boardwalk and saw the mysterious figure, on Merlin's Forest it had a fox, the common predator for rabbits. The rabbits fit the supernatural theory since they are associated with magic, but also signifies fertility, life, and also cloning (since rabbits do reproduce quickly). I can pretty much assume for whoever steps into that exhibit will create a clone from magic mirrors.

  8. I think that one of them engaged in witchcraft while they were young and one of the clones ends up being replaced in the family. The black man being out of rhythm was a clue and the smaller girl choking the taller girl even though they were the same person. the boy wearing the mask might have died in an accident and was replaced by the clone that wears the mask for fun. It kind of has a pet cemetery tone to it and rabbits are associated with wiccan.

  9. Btw… If Scissors are tools used to divide & cut objects in half… In this case…. Scissors are used to Divide & Cut people/personas/personalities in half…. The scissors represent dividing up the dualities of singular individuals… In this case… Dividing up the Black American Family Unit!! Dividing up the family, and turning them against each other
    Divide…. And…. Conquer

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