Gors “Us” Official Trailer Reaction


19 thoughts on “Gors “Us” Official Trailer Reaction

  1. Nobody seems to notice much about the
    boy (other than the fact that he’s SUPER creepy) But there’s one thing I
    noticed that makes him quite unique…… HE CAN MANIPULATE FIRE. The first
    glimpse of this is when the “US” family breaks into the house. Before the boy
    sits down, he runs right up to the fireplace, simply touches it, and it blazes
    up. No stoking of the wood, no kindling of the fire, nothing. Just a quick
    touch, and the fire burned into being. There was nothing in his hands to start
    the fire, as he prefers to run on all fours. Next scene, there’s an explosion
    outside and Lupita is looking at him. Everything around him is on fire, yet
    he’s walking THROUGH the fire with no fear of being burned by it. On top of
    that, he’s walking forward, but the fire is burning in REVERSE as if he’s
    manipulating it to do that. Then there’s scene with both the boys together
    under a blanket. The human boy takes off his mask, and then the “US” boy does.
    You can see the third degree burns over his mouth. IMO, he had a bad incident
    with being burned and now can somehow manipulate the molecular structure of
    fire to work FOR him instead of AGAINST him.

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