HOLMES AND WATSON – Official Trailer (HD)

HOLMES AND WATSON - Official Trailer (HD)

The boys are back again! Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are #HolmesAndWatson – only in theaters this Christmas. View the new trailer now!

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The Phase Brothers are reunited – this time taking part in the world’s greatest consulting detective and his loyal biographer – as Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly star as Holmes & Watson.

Will Ferrell
John C. Reilly
Rebecca Corridor
Rob Brydon
Kelly Macdonald
and Ralph Fiennes

Published and Directed by:
Etan Cohen

#WillFerrell #JohnCReilly #Comedy #NewTrailer



44 thoughts on “HOLMES AND WATSON – Official Trailer (HD)

  1. The thing about this movie is that its simple. Needs somebody to be simple and enjoy whats happening without overthinking too much and ruining it for themselves.
    It was great. Laughed so hard my mouth hurt 8/10.

  2. My most favorite characters played by my least favorite actors. I wished Hollywood could get some writers so they don't have to ruin our treasured stories with remakes.

  3. Who wrote this? Cause I'm sure a comedy based on Sherlock mythos could be done, but ya gonna need a much, MUCH, MUUUUCH bettah writah! You need a smart clever writer to writer a comedy based on a smart clever characters like Sherlock and Watson. So who bloody wrote this American trash? XD

  4. Saw it opening night weeks back. So bad it made me laugh every time a scene was “supposed to be funny and the whole theatre didn’t laugh”. I fucking busted out laughing at no one laughing rather than the movie. People looked at me weird

  5. Honestly, I think this movie is getting a bit too much hate, most of the time the jokes are terrible but some of them are good, but only for cheap laughs. I would give it a 5/10

  6. I had no idea this movie was even coming out, I drive by the theater to see “Holmes and Watson” on the sign. I immediately looked up the trailer. Thought for a split second it was going to be good, then the trailer started to play.. instantly regretted even watching that..

  7. This trailer has me laughing so hard that I can't even talk. I had to pause it and recompose myself before typing this. We were about to go see this, but seeing the reviews gives me pause. People are saying it is nothing like Step Brothers or Ricky Bobby.

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