Mortal Engines – Official Trailer (HD)

Mortal Engines - Official Trailer (HD)

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Thousands of decades following civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic function, humankind has adapted and a new way of residing has developed. Gigantic moving towns now roam the Earth, ruthlessly preying upon lesser traction towns. Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan)—who hails from a Reduce Tier of the wonderful traction town of London—finds himself fighting for his personal survival immediately after he encounters the harmful fugitive Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar). Two opposites, whose paths need to in no way have crossed, forge an unlikely alliance that is destined to transform the program of the upcoming.

Mortal Engines is the startling, new epic adventure directed by Oscar®-successful visible-outcomes artist Christian Rivers (King Kong). Becoming a member of Rivers are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies a few-time Academy Award®-profitable filmmakers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, who have penned the screenplay. The Universal and MRC adaptation is from the award-successful e-book series by Philip Reeve, revealed in 2001 by Scholastic.

On board as producers are Zane Weiner (The Hobbit trilogy), Amanda Walker (The Hobbit trilogy) and Deborah Forte (Goosebumps), as nicely as Walsh and Jackson. Ken Kamins (The Hobbit trilogy) joins Boyens as government producer. Universal will distribute the film around the globe.



50 thoughts on “Mortal Engines – Official Trailer (HD)

  1. went to see this movie with my dad.


    Me: you'll see, unlike the other people in London the black guy is a good guy
    Dad: why?
    Me: cuz he's black
    Dad: …

    PS: I saw "mary poppins returns" a week prior (if you saw the movie you know what i mean)

  2. Worst movie to be released this century bar none. Never seen such a waste of money ever. They won't make another Tron or Dredd but they make this,Hollywood is in dire trouble if this is the type of movie they are going to give us. With waste of money remakes i.e. Robin Hood,Death Wish that are no where near as good as the originals and bad jokes like this I'm beginning to think the enjoyment of going to the movies is something soon to be over,forever. If it's not Superhero movies or ruined franchises like Star Wars its live action versions of Disney that is just lazy. Frozen 2 & Toy Story 4 come on,give us some of that Hollywood gold you used to and stop thinking of what will make money and start to make movies that will be remembered for the right reasons.

  3. So far, everything I've seen is beautifully accurate to the book: Shrike, Batmunkh Gompa and all the things really warm my heart.
    Yes, the story is kinda weak but the book had the same and I still loved it.
    I will definitely watch the movie, don't care about the critics.

  4. The trailer alone shows how they fucked up the whole original story… I can't believe how they stripped away Hesters "uglyness", which is a huge part of the book and made her a really pretty girl with a little scar on her face. Valentine is suddenly purely evil, though in the book he's a very conflicted and broad character. I'm definetly not going to watch this crappy version of it.

  5. This just came out here in Brazil. I thought it would be bad and that the trailer had shown it all but the movie is actually quite good and there’s more than just the trailer. Worth the watch. The books must be amazing tho

  6. It's negative to say that most big blockbuster are pure crap these days – it is criticism if one adds that qualitative pieces of film-making can still be found, just in other formats like e.g. series. The same applies to soccer/football (wherever you come from): capitalism has led to hypertrophia in either of them, but there are still other kinds of sports you can enjoy.

    This movie deserves to be shit on – but as I pointed out: there are still places in the world smelling like blossoms and almonds.

  7. Who the hell is that, because it isn't Hester bloody Shaw. Will we ever get a movie adaption that doesn't deliberately downplay descriptions of female character's scarring or disfigurements, because i'm so sick and tired of seeing them on screen with a wee little scar or a dainty wee birthmark instead of the actual gnarly scars they have in the books? Where's her blind eye? Where's her twisted sneer? Because we can deal with murder and genocide and apocalyptic wars, but god forbid a woman be unattractive.

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  9. If you actually watched the movie, it was one of the most original and visually beautiful movies of the year. It's too bad that people were too busy tearing down the trailer to see that.

  10. Thank God I saw this POC in a military theater. My $3.50 went to the MWR fund. BORING Steam-puke Star Wars wannabe crap. Fell asleep when London got to the Asian Wall or what ever the crap they were going for. And that robot-Zombie thing- YAWN! Worst Movie since Downsizing.

  11. I really enjoyed the movie. It is feel bad that for some reason in my country did not have it in 4DX. Instead Cinepolis is still playing Aquaman and now Dragon Ball Z. I am sure this movie is a great experience in 4DX.

  12. I went to the theater with judgement in my heart. When the movie started I decided to let go of that judgement and just be there in the experience. Having done that, I've got to say, Mortal Engines was actually a great movie. Don't tell anyone I said that; apparently that's not a popular opinion.

  13. On this trailer:
    > (Kicks guy out of the platform)
    > I want them found!
    So the girl ran away and you have to look for her, but you had the guy right there and you kicked him out and now you're looking for him as well. Wtf

  14. Is this not the mortal Instruments?? Because it looks almost identical.. a villain named valentine, cute guy that could be an inaccurate version of Jace, redhead heroine fighting for her mother, and I’m pretty sure that one actress played Dot on the tv show..

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