THE FRONT RUNNER – Official Trailer (HD)

THE FRONT RUNNER - Official Trailer (HD)

Based mostly on a accurate tale that transformed everything, Hugh Jackman is #TheFrontRunner – only in theaters this Election Working day.

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Hugh Jackman
Vera Farmiga
JK Simmons

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46 thoughts on “THE FRONT RUNNER – Official Trailer (HD)

  1. I'm here for Molly Ephraim.  Asking her to go update her to update her Facebook page.  We all miss her.  Meanwhile, got to see Hugh Jackman on stage on the Today Show and he did great.  I wouldn't expect him on stage, singing.  Good Job.  Now I'll have to go see The Front Runner.

  2. Saw it today. Horrible. The first hour is close to unwatchable due to director's excruciatingly poor choice of using a moving camera (makes you want to vomit after just 20 minutes). The second part is at least watchable, but still boring as hell, and the whole storyline is dragged out into infinity with the real contents and the real point being neither here nor there. Add to that the fact that more than half of the movie is plagued with annoying background music which is not really music but just there to add some sort of tension or rhythm because the story and actors fail at that that. I watch a lot of movies. A lot. This is easily in the Ten Worst Movies of the last ten years.

  3. Why was Bill Clinton not exposed like Gary Hart? Bill had more women than Gary Hart. I think its because of the other dark side of politics that happened in Mena Arkansas concerning Bill Clinton's involvement in drug trafficking and his power in the area.

  4. Just for the record. In 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush, then Vice President Of The United States in Reagan Administration, former Naval Aviator and veteran of Pacific War, former Director Central Intelligence Agency, former Texas oilman and patriarch of powerfull Bush Family, became 41st President Of United States. I was in high school at the time. As POTUS, G.H.W. Bush oversaw end of Cold War, management of collapse of Soviet Union, and defeat of Saddam Hussein invasion of Kuwait in 1990-1991 Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm. IMHO, one of the greatest of American Presidents, and it is unfortunate to his legacy that his administration was handed a bad economic hand that cost him 2nd Term as POTUS, to one William 'Bill' Jefferson Fucking Clinton and his wife. One Hillary Roddam Goddam Fucking Clinton.

  5. This movie's title reminds me one of the character in battlefield 1 "Runner", then I realise Hugh Jackman looks a lot like the main character in "Runner" and he is Australian too

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