MCQUEEN | Official Trailer

MCQUEEN | Official Trailer

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He stunned the planet with his creations. Now uncover the gentleman guiding the manner.

View the official trailer for McQUEEN. In theaters this July.



34 thoughts on “MCQUEEN | Official Trailer

  1. Too sad that creativity and industry can't walk together for long. Nobody respect Alexander McQueen's wishes and close the house. They are to money hungry to care! Fucking Mafia known as the Gucci Group. Love Dreams and Jazz Brother.

  2. Безумно жаль, такого потрясающе талантливого человека, одарённый Богом таким приимуществом, творить шикарные шедевры!!!
    Жаль, что он сделал не поправимый поступок, жаль, что многие люди, выбирают смерть, а не ЖИЗНЬ!!! 😪😪

  3. I never knew all this and I wish for you all the very best ~ a brilliant and innovative artist *
    Is like a little if not more satanic in his art form ~ what they did to his mind (
    My deep respect for McQueens my very fave flower School.

  4. This is the story of a poor sooul which unique talent is to have sold his soul to satan for very few…. Those who do that are pathetice people.

    How can someone betray God and joins God's enemy just for a very breve success…. those who do that count among the worst criminals ever….and they will pay a high price for what they've done

  5. Our late Alexander McQueen was a Visionary and a Genius of his own class with… through the years he’s designs had evolved having such depths behind its theme and theatrical presentation and with such execution. As each collection strolls the runway each and every one of the pieces represents his visions through his life reflecting stories and futuristic concepts. His undeniable talent is a legacy that will exist with us through time. We love you AMQ 💋💋💋

  6. Ok seriously he was so not that great lol. Its so shallow from human beings to always feel the need to dramatise and exaggerate everthing about someone right after his death. – _- yea right, he was ambitious and creative.. But almost everything he created was literaly a big mess and definitely not timeless. Give me a break. SO many insane genius designers alive and creating extraordinary pieces of arts, and you just want to celebrate a rotten corpse for his exceeded questionable thrown up visions happened a decade ago..

  7. When satanism has elitist celebrities labeling it as art and "thrilling" and the masses open their eyes which are windows to their souls in naivity thinking it to be fearlessness. Sad last days before Jesus returns. Repent and wake up to prophecies before no fulfilled in broad light

  8. What a joke, this movie is a complete waste of oxygen! Without a doubt some of the most ridiculous, the ugliest clothing ever made and to try and call him a design genius is simply absurd… just because a few delusional people, high on drugs, with too much money and free time, decide to amuse themselves and use their connections in the media to scream 'he is a genius' does not make it so. Just because you make noise by banging a drum all day, every day, forever, does not make you a talented musician. Just because you can throw an egg in a frying pan does not make you a chef. Just because this guy sewed ugly clothes, does not make him a designer. Just because a few jaded, ugly looking people wanted to take revenge on the popular beautiful people and the glamorous world of couture, does not make them right, just because they scream the loudest and longer than anyone else in the room.

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