THE DEVIL OUTSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Andrew Hulme

THE DEVIL OUTSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Andrew Hulme

THE Devil Exterior is in selected Uk Cinemas from 25th January 2019. For ore facts on Andrew Hulme’s THE Satan Outside the house visit

A teenage boy from a Born Once again Christian household begins to problem his faith when he finds a useless entire body in the woods. A coming of age film about religion, madness and repressed sexuality.

Robert is an harmless teenager, dwelling a sheltered lifetime in a Born Once again Christian relatives with an insular earth perspective dictated by his evangelising Mom. He lives in a fantasy planet that shortly changes when he commences college. Uncovered to science and secularism he starts to realise the globe is not what he’d beforehand considered. When Marcus, a devilish newcomer at his church, then befriends him Robert finds himself getting led down a a lot darker path.

Struggling with the fundamentals of his religion Robert discovers a useless human body in the woods and thinks he’s experienced a indicator from God.

The Satan Outside is a coming of age story of each day madness. This is 2nd movie from writer / director Andrew Hulme (Snow in Paradise – Un Selected Regarde, 2014).

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