Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer #2 REACTION


49 thoughts on “Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer #2 REACTION

  1. I'm not a comic book reader, but iv watched a lot of here I go…world killer Hulk shows up & beat the shit out of thanos …war machine is skurll…the white suites where made by Mr. Fanantasic & that's all I got 8>)

  2. It first shoots into your arm at 2.58 seconds and then a GIANT orb appears out of nowhere explores the room and then sits (floats) next to you to your right hand side almost like it wants to say something but it can.t for obvious reasons! No kidding watch the reaction yourself see Wat u make of it.

  3. I know it's a change of subject but there is a ghost in your room with you no joke! It was moving around your room (a big orb) with the intelligence of Steven Hawkins it even stopped slightly to the right of you just to listen to u grumbling about the trailer being the same as you've seen before! It totally threw me off the conversation and spent the rest of it just watching the ghost floating in your room

  4. They made it clear in CAPTAIN MARVEL, her power comes from a single infinity stone. Thanos has 6. She won't be wiping the floor with him anytime soon. BUT, she will be important for the win. People just need to chill with that noise.

  5. According to Marvel, this isn't trailer #2…it's just "Endgame Trailer" which means we get one more around the time tickets go on sale April 2nd…THAT will be Trailer #2.

  6. I hope Banner/Ruffalo stick around after this film. I wonder if they don't focus on him much because it's not likely to be his end, giving the other characters more time to shine. I'd love to see him be a mentor to new members, and cameo in future films.

  7. It gives away that tony makes it back. He’s right there with them in the new suits. Pointless trying in one trailer making it look like he is stranded in space and ok I know it was likely that he would make it back but in this trailer they give the game away. I hate trailers they give too much of the films away.

  8. Literally the only issue I have with Infinitiy War and Endgame is the fact their called "Avengers" when it's absolutely not, their actually the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Movie lol. The last Avengers movie imo was Civil War.

  9. Did anyone watch Harry Potter when Hermoine was able to time travel and attend classes and make slight changes in the past but not drastically change the present of future. I think thats what happened when the Avengers went to the quantum realm. They time travelled to significant check points of the infinity stones and put some things in place so that they could access them in the present and kick some Thanos booty in end game! Thanos thought he won by the snap but their coming to rewrite history!

  10. Yeah, it's a slice and dice from the aforementioned Endgame trailer with a few additions towards the end. Thanks, Jimmy!!


  11. Is Thor going to try to bang Captain Marvel? If so, I approve.

    I was a little worried they'd reveal too much, but we learned almost nothing. That's how you make a trailer. But to be honest, all they needed to do is show the release date and the logo and everyone would show up.

  12. Honestly didn’t even think about a Thor/Cap marvel scene until you mentioned it. Absolutely nuts if they both go full power. I’m already getting chills.

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