AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Official Trailer Reaction!

AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Official Trailer Reaction!

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45 thoughts on “AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Official Trailer Reaction!

  1. If there's any improvement in Brie Larsons performance in Endgame from Captain Marvel, that can directly be attributed to the difference in directors. Because her scenes in Endgame was filmed before Captain Marvel.

  2. Guessing that the only significance of the flag still having blue is that it’s bad flag etiquette to change the color of the American flag without assigning new meaning to it.

  3. Also if you look at the 10 year marvel logo, the 10 is in red, that’s comes into it too. I think they had the same black, white and red feature at the start of Trailer 1 too

  4. That final shot of Cap gripping his shield sends chills down my spine the acting by Chris Evans is just fantastic its all come down to this wouldnt suprise me if the Russo's top infinity war this will be intense and emotional a proper send off little over a month left!

  5. Yeah, the Red is symbolic cause it's Marvel Studio's 10 year anniversary. They first started with a quick red gray scale montage in an earlier trailer before revealing the 10 year anniversary logo. I also feel it's an homage to Stan Lee but that part is just my opinion.

  6. Nah, the Red color theme is from the Marvel 10 Year celeberation theme. Try to rewatch the "Superbowl" trailer. I don't know, I just don't want to overanalyze stuff, I mean, the movie is almost here. I'll just enjoy every part of it. I trust Marvel.

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