MARY MAGDALENE Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara Movie HD

MARY MAGDALENE Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara Movie HD

MARY MAGDALENE Formal Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara Film Hd
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50 thoughts on “MARY MAGDALENE Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara Movie HD

  1. Mary Magdelene was Jesus' step sister…her two brothers were Thomas and James who were Jesus' step brothers. This has been verified by geneology and is recorded as such.

    How? Mary M.,Thomas and James arent related to Mary and Joseph…at all! The truth is we have been lied to and all is about to be exposed soon through Q! Their parents were Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. So hows Jesus their step brother? Jesus' parents were Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and his true name was Caesarean he was also called Horace. I would like to explain how Mary and Joseph were hired to take Caesarean out of the city away from King Harrod and escape death….but I will only encourage you to seek the truth…fact find for yourself. Q will expose all soon but you need to wake up the great awakening is here WWG1WGA!!!

  2. I wonder what's going to be changed from the real story. These biblical movies would be great if they just made them right. So far Mel Gibson was the only person to make something close to being correct. Noah was promising but it went bad. There were rock creatures and then they made noah go crazy and almost kill his family. Maybe this will be great. We won't know until it comes out.

  3. And to think God views women as pieces of inferior horseshit. Clearly this movie is telling the truth while the 'Middle Eastern Guide On How To Stone Your Hairy Bitch To Death For Trivial Shit' is lying.

  4. 1st Corinthians 11:14_"Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, *it is a shame unto him*?"
    _the shroud of turin is FAKE! ALL pictures, statues, crosses, & "images" of Christ are FAKE and an Abomination_
    they also break the 2nd commandment: (idols and images)
    [Exodus 20:4]_"Thou shalt (not) make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:"

  5. So looks like hmmmm she was engaged to joesph saw Jesus was attracted to him let's be real went fooled around with him then comes back to joesph now I get it after all those years of ccd etc. Never knew

  6. enough with fiction films! take a-list cast and directing team and make an interesting film about global warming and the wrath of the true GOD MOTHER NATURE! we need to change or we will perish doesnt matter if you re christian jew muslim whatever that crap isnt true! WAKE THA FUK UP!

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